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Success Story: Darlene Meenach

April 21, 2022

South Shore Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to recognize resident Darlene Meenach’s Success Story!

 Mrs. Meenach came to us in December 2021 after a few hospitalizations. She struggled with respiratory failure and just was not recovering. Even after admitting, she still struggled to get back to baseline for a month or longer. However, Mrs. Meenach soon got stronger and she became the funny, feisty lady that we all fell in love with! She made us laugh so much and we were sad, but happy when she decided it was time to go home. Mrs. Meenach is from here locally, and so many of the Care Team members knew her and her family. It was such a pleasure for us to have been able to care for Mrs. Meenach. We wish her well as she returns home. She did say she would be back to visit and we do hope she will soon! We hope she knows that she found a way to our hearts, and that she will be dearly loved for a long time. Good luck, Darlene!